Terms Of Use
All Nutrition Coaching Services
Effective Date: July 1st 2021
Last Updated: 21/11/ 2023

1. These Terms and Conditions apply to the provision of the services detailed in our quotation (Services) by VA Nutrition Coaching Ltd a company registered in England and Wales under number 12633337 whose registered office is at 16-18 Woodgrange Road, Forest Gate, London E7 (we or us or Service Provider) to the person buying the services (you or Customer).

2. You are deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions when you accept our quotation or from the date of any performance of the Services (whichever happens earlier) and these Terms and Conditions and our quotation (the Contract) are the entire agreement between us.

3. You acknowledge that you have not relied on any statement, promise or representation made or given by or on our behalf. These Conditions apply to the Contract to the exclusion of any other terms that you try to impose or incorporate, or which are implied by trade, custom, practice or course of dealing.

Terms & Conditions

All Nutrition Coaching Services
Effective Date: February 2023
Last Updated: November 2023

Please Ensure You Have Fully Read The Terms Of Use For The Program In Its Entirety Before Purchasing Nutrition Coaching Services (Hereinafter Referred To As The "Program"). The Program And Its Content Are Owned By Verona Angol And VA Fitness And Nutrition Coaching (Trading As VA Nutrition Coaching Ltd)

By Utilising VA Nutrition Coaching Services, Including Recipe Packs, Mini-Course, And Nutrition Coaching, You Acknowledge That Any Recipe Provided In This Pack & Others Issued Are Not Aimed Nor Intended To Diagnose, Treat, Prescribe Or Cure Any Medical Or Dietary Condition. The Recipes Issued In This Pack Are To Guide And Advise Based On Your Sole Goals To Enhance Your Meal Preparation.

This Website Provides Fitness & Nutrition Information Along With Written Blogging Content That Is Published Over The Internet. This Information Is Intended Only For Assisting Users With Their Personal Fitness Or Nutritional, Weight Loss Efforts.

 VA Nutrition Coaching Ltd (Verona Angol) Is Not A Medical Organisation And Therefore Cannot Give You Medical Advice Or Diagnoses For Any Nutrition Or Dietetic Condition. Nothing Contained In This Website, Recipe Pack Or Mini-Course Should Be Construed As Such Advice Or Diagnosis. You Are Advised To Seek Medical Advice Before Undertaking Any Recipe Provided In This Pack, Or Undertaking Any Fitness Or Nutrition Coaching Program.

The Website, Coaching Programs And Podcast Content Is Not Intended For Use By Minors, Or Individuals With Any Type Of Health Condition.
At Any Time, No Part Of This Publication May Be Reproduced, Transmitted Or Distributed In Any Form Or By Any Means Electronic Or Mechanical Including Photocopying, Binding, Recording Or By Any Information Storage And Retrieval System, Without Express Prior Written Permission From Verona Angol.

The Information Presented Herein Is For Educational Purposes Only And Is In No Way Intended Or Implied To Be A Substitute For Qualified Professional Medical Advice.

The Information In This Exercise Guide And Or Nutrition Programme Should Be Used In Conjunction With The Guidance And Care Of You, The Reader's Health Care Provider To Determine The Appropriateness Of The Information For Your Personal Situation And Or Needs. Consult Your Healthcare Provider Before Beginning This Programme As You Would With Any Exercise And Nutrition Programme.

If You Choose Not To Obtain The Consent Of Your Health Care Provider Throughout The Duration Of Your Time Working With VA Nutrition Coaching Ltd Or Her Affiliates You Are Agreeing To Accept Full Responsibility For Your Actions.

By Accepting The Recipes , And Any Other Nutrition Coaching Program, Self-Study, Group Coaching Or 12 Weeks 1:1 Intensive Nutrition Coaching Programme You Understand And Recognise That Despite All Precautions On The Part Of VA Nutrition Coaching Ltd There Are Risks Of Injury Or Illness That Can Occur Because Of Your Use Of The Aforementioned Information And You Expressly Assume Such Risks And Waive Relinquish And Release Any Claim Which You May Have Against VA Nutrition Coaching Ltd Or Her Affiliates As A Result Of Any Future Physical Injury Or Illness Incurred In Connection With Or As A Result Of The Use Or Misuse Of Your Programme.



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Conditional Guarantee 

Programs, Courses, E-Books, Services, Consultations, Workshops, And Paid Content From Verona Angol, VA Nutrition Coaching Ltd Https://Vanutritioncoaching.Co.Uk Are Non-Refundable Except For The Instances Below. Some Plans Or Courses May Offer Payment Plans Or Monthly Payments. Payment Is Required Upfront.

By Signing Up For Coaching, Ebook, Recipes Packs Or Other Services, You, The Client, Agree To Pay And Authorise VA Nutrition Coaching Ltd's Third-Party Payment Processor STRIPE To Charge Your Card The Appropriate Funds. You Are Using Your Payment Method Of Choice And Payment Plan For All Applicable Fees And Taxes That May Accrue Concerning Your Subscription To Use Our Services Or Purchase Our Products. All Fees Are In Great British Pound (GBP) And Are Non-Refundable Except As Required By Law. The Third-Party Payment Processor May Process Payment In Your Currency (E.G. USD If Living In The States Or Overseas). VA Nutrition Coaching Ltd Is Not Responsible For Charges Or Foreign Exchange Rates Applied By Your Credit Card Company And Financial Institution. You Are Responsible For Providing Complete And Accurate Billing And Contact Information To Us. We May Suspend Or Terminate The Services If Fees Are 30 Days Past Due.

It Is My Sincere Hope That Every Client Is Satisfied. If You Have Any Questions Before Signing Up, Please Send Them To: Support@vanutritioncoaching.co.uk. As This Is A Digital Product That You Can Access Immediately, There Will Be No Refunds Issued.

Before Signing Up, You agree that you are Also Aware That This Is A 3 Month 1:1 online coaching program, With A Minimum Of 3Months Consecutive Coaching. Therefore, By Signing Up, Your Expectations Should Align With The Above. Please Be Advised There Are No Exceptions.


If You Need To Reschedule An Appointment, It Must Be Made At Least 24 Hours In Advance. You Are Only Allowed To Reschedule One Time For Each Original Appointment. If You Cannot Keep Your Rescheduled Appointment For Some Reason, That Allocated Time Slot Will Be Forfeited, And No Refunds Or Transfers Will Be Allowed.

If I, Coach Verona, Cannot Keep An Appointment For An Unexpected Reason, I Will Contact You With As Much Notice As Possible And Get Priority For Rescheduling. Please Understand That It Might Happen On Rare Occasions, If At All.

Any Arrivals Or Log-Ins Later Than 10 Minutes Will Be Cancelled And Will Be Considered Missed Sessions. Prior Notice Is Appreciated If You Are Running Late, And You Will Improve Your Chances Of Accommodating Your Session If The Schedule Allows.

As This Program Does Not Promise Any Guarantee Of Results, You Accept That It Is Your Responsibility To Attend All Coaching Sessions On Time And Fully Participate In Assignments, Tasks, Questions, Workbooks Daily. The Materials Are Explicitly Designed To Allow You To Work Through Them Day By Day, Week By Week, Month By Month, Year By Year, And Step By Step. This Is So You Can Make Manageable And Realistic Changes To And For Your Lifestyle Without Feeling Overwhelmed By The Materials And Content Of The Programme. Slow And Steady Wins The Race. Things Happen In Life Where You Won't Be Able To Do Every Single Lesson Every Day. And That's Okay! This Program Is Built For That. Suppose You Strive To Be At Least 80% Compliant. As A Coach, Your Happiness And Well-Being Are A Priority, So I Would Never Want You As A Client To Feel That It's An All Or Nothing Approach Here, Especially If You Or A Family Member Gets Sick Or You Have A Planned Holiday (Vacation). The Beauty Of This Program Is, You'll Learn How To Build Healthy, Sustainable Habits Whilst Life Still Happens. That's How You Know You're Making Progress When You Can Finally Balance All Of Family Life And Your Health And Nutrition As A Priority And Still Find Small Wins Along The Way.

If Paying By Stripe, Debit Card, Or Credit Card, You Permit Us To Automatically Charge Your Credit Or Debit Card As Payment For Your Program, Product Or Service Without Any Additional Authorisation. An Electronic Receipt Will Also Accompany Payments Of This Nature. A Stripe Invoice Is Provided. Instead, You Are Required To Manually Pay It By The Date Due On The Invoice Or Your Program, Product, Or Service Will Be Put On Hold Until Payment Is Made.

If The Date Due Does Not Receive Payment, You Will Have A Five (5) Day Grace Period To Make The Payment; Otherwise, The Program, Product Or Services Will Not Continue, And We Reserve The Right To Cease Your Access Immediately And Permanently.

Suppose You Fail To Make Payment Promptly By These Terms Of Use Or Voluntarily Decide To Withdraw From Our Programs, Products Or Services At Any Time Or For Any Reason Whatsoever. In That Case, You Still Will Remain Fully Responsible For The Total Cost Of The Programs, Products And Services.

All Information Obtained During Your Purchase Or Transaction For Our Programs, Products, And Services And All Of The Information That You Give As Part Of The Transaction, Such As Your Name, Address, Method Of Payment, Credit Card Number, And Billing Information, May Be Collected By Both Us And Our Payment Processing Company.

You Agree To Only Purchase Goods Or Services For Yourself Or Another Person You Are Legally Permitted To Do So Or For Whom You Have Obtained The Express Consent To Provide Their Name, Address, Method Of Payment, Credit Card Number, And Billing Information.

You Agree To Be Financially Responsible For All Purchases Made By You Or Someone Acting On Your Behalf. You Agree To Use Our Programs, Products, Services, And Program Materials For Legitimate, Non-Commercial Purposes Only And Not For Speculative, False, Fraudulent, Or Illegal Purposes.

Since We Have A Clear And Explicit Refund Policy In These Terms Of Use That You Have Agreed To Before Completing The Purchase Of Any Of Our Programs, Products, Or Services, We Do Not Tolerate Or Accept Any Chargeback Threat Or Actual Chargeback From Your Credit Card Company. Suppose A Chargeback Is Placed On A Purchase Or Receive A Chargeback Threat During Or After Your Purchase. In That Case, We Reserve The Right To Report The Incident To All Three Credit Reporting Agencies Or To Any Other Entity For Inclusion In Any Chargeback Database Or For Listing As A Delinquent Account, Which Could Negatively Impact Your Credit Report Score. The Information Reported Will Include Your Name, Email Address, Order Date, Order Amount, And Billing Address. Chargeback Abusers Wishing To Be Removed From The Database Shall Make The Payment For The Chargeback Amount.

We Also Reserve Our Right To Seek Payment From You For Any Delinquent Amount That Is Not Provided By Or Upon The Date By Enlisting The Help Of A Collections Agency, And We May Exercise Our Right To Report Your Late Payment To All Three Credit Reporting Agencies, Either Directly Or Through The Use Of A Collections Agency.

If You Purchase From One Of Our Affiliates Or Any Other Individual Or Company Through A Link Provided On Or Through Our Programs, Products Or Services ("Merchant"), All Information Obtained During Your Purchase Or Transaction And All Of The Information That You Give As Part Of The Transaction, Such As Your Credit Card Number And Contact Information, May Be Collected By The Merchant And Their Payment Processing Company As Well. Your Participation, Correspondence Or Business Dealings With Any Affiliate, Individual Or Company On Or Through Our Programs, Products Or Services, And All Purchase Terms, Conditions, Representations Or Warranties Associated With The Payment, Refunds, And Delivery Related To Your Purchase, Are Solely Between You And The Merchant. You Agree That We Shall Not Be Responsible For Any Loss, Damage, Refunds, Or Other Matters Of Any Sort That Incurred As The Result Of Such Dealings With A Merchant.

Payment Processing Companies And Merchants May Have Privacy And Data Collection Practices That Are Different From Ours. We Have No Responsibility Or Liability For These Independent Policies Of The Payment Processing Companies And Merchants. In Addition, When You Make Certain Purchases Through Our Programs, Products Or Services, You May Be Subject To The Additional Terms And Conditions Of A Payment Processing Company, Merchant Or Us That Specifically Apply To Your Purchase. For More Information Regarding A Merchant And Its Terms And Conditions That May Apply, Visit That Merchant's Website And Click On Its Information Links Or Contact The Merchant Directly.

You Release Us, Our Affiliates, Our Payment Processing Company, And Merchants From Any Damages That You Incur, And Agree Not To Assert Any Claims Against Them Or Us, Arising From Your Purchase Through Or Use Of Our Website Or Its Content.

We Will Email You To Confirm The Placement Of Your Order And With Details Concerning Product Or Service Delivery. If There Is An Error In This Email Confirmation, It Is Your Responsibility To Inform Us As Soon As Possible. Verona Angol Of VA Nutrition Coaching Ltd Will Not Be Liable Nor Held Responsible For Miscommunication Due To Undelivered Emails Or Emails Sent To Junk/Spam Folders. It Is Your Responsibility As A Customer, User, Or Client To Be Aware Of Transactions Regardless Of Email Delivery Or Accidental Non-Delivery.

Suppose You've Signed Up For A Subscription With Us. In That Case, The Subscription Renews Automatically, And Your Credit Card Will Be Charged Fees Stated At The Time Of Purchase (Or The Introductory Rate During The Initial Period). Price May Change At The End Of Your Subscription Period. You Will Be Notified Of Any Price Changes Ahead Of Time With An Option To Discontinue. Your Subscription Will Start As Soon As Your Credit Card Is Successfully Charged. If You Have Signed Up For Coaching, Confirmation That We Have Received Your Order And Payment Does Not Constitute Acceptance Into The Coaching Plan. If You Have Submitted A Deposit Or Payment In Full For A Service, Verona Angol Of VA Nutrition Coaching Ltd Has The Exclusive Right To Deny Service If Deemed Necessary. If Assistance Is Denied, A Refund Of Any Monies Paid Will Be Provided.

Verona Angol Of VA Nutrition Coaching Ltd Reserves The Right To Refuse Service To Any Person Or Entity Without Obligation To Assign A Reason For Doing So. Verona Angol Of VA Nutrition Coaching Ltd Reserves The Right To Limit Participants In Any Online Class Or Limit Downloads. Verona Angol Of VA Nutrition Coaching Ltd May Change Or Discontinue Any Aspect Or Feature Of The Site Or Service.

Verona Angol Of VA Nutrition Coaching Ltd Makes A Genuine Effort To Be As Accurate As Possible. Please Do Not Accept That The Site Is Entirely Accurate, Current, Or Completely Error-Free At All Times. There May Be Corrections To Errors In Pricing, Descriptions, Or Other Details From Time To Time. We Reserve The Right To Refuse Or Cancel Any Order With An Incorrect Price Listing.

Updated November 21st 2023


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