Meal plan on autopilot and be 10x more efficient rather than trying  to figuring it out daily because truth is... winging it each day probably isn’t cutting it.

Skip the mealtime meltdowns and focus on what's most important to you as a family—making meal planning much less daunting.

Transform hectic evenings into harmonious family time with a Sunday meal planning ritual. Just like clockwork, stress evaporates when routine takes the lead

Change the entire game, by using simple meal planning templates; so you can visually organize everything and even reuse plans that worked well for you.

In less than one hour, I will show show you how to

I'm an expert when it comes to meal planning unboring foods,  feeding picker eaters, and making foods you enjoy that don't take up your entire Sunday to prep, & then by Wednesday you don't want it anymore and head to DoorDash, GrubHub or the snack cupboard "for something sweet".

I'm a top 2% Global Podcast Host on the topic and i absolutely love teaching others to meal plan in way that FIT your life, withouht it taking over your entire life



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save my seat!

Every time you even try to meal plan it ends in full on frustration,  and lack of creativity.

The mere thought of outlining meals for the week sends you spiraling into stress, because you have zero idea on where or even how to begin.

You find yourself drowning in the sea of meal planning responsibilities, struggling to surface above the overwhelm.

this is for you if

Trying to figure out a meal plan that satisfies everyone is more  stressful than it should be

You actually want to learn how to eat healhty and meal prep without  eating the same 5 boring foods every day. 

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— Miranda

 "after working with Verona, I actually WANT to take care of my body! Verona has helped me to become more confident,  sleep better and feel more energized. I have lost weight and just generally feel better"

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