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never eat boring food again


Gone are the days of guilt over junk food, stress over meal planning, and embarrassment about weight gain. I know how tough it is to stick to a diet with your packed agenda, and cringe at the dreaded question - "What's for dinner?"

Your kids are happy with what you give them for once
Meal planning and grocery shopping every week stopped feeling like a chore

You feel confident to cook in the kitchen becuase you finally get the kids to try new foods without the battle of the wills

Dinner can finally feel like a hobby again instead of something you dread
Dinnertime is no longer the most stressful part of your day and is made 10x easier when feeding your entire household
You start to lose weight without eating the same boring diet foods

it's 5pm
you're hungry, the kids are hungry everybody hungry!
you open the fridge see ingredients but have zero idea what to cook

That's normal, & thankfully easily solvable. Just imagine

Save Time, Money, and Stress. Meal Prep Coaching & Weight Loss For Women fed up of overspedning on Groceries, takeout & Convienve and the weight gain that comes with it


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The VIP Meal Plan

Meal planning feels like a minefield of decisions you're ready to eat foods that will build a better impact on your overall health and happiness

You struggle with where to even start with meal planning, even though there are a million and one options you want to make choices that support your wellbeing

You tend to find yourself struggling with emotional eating especially when you're stressed, and you want to address your emotional triggeers and cravings through healthy nutrition

Meal Planning always feels so daunting! It's easier ordering from GrubHub, JustEat and DoorDash! But you want to create a routine that isn't just putting together recipes, but fits into your hectic life

You feel overwhelmed by the thought of meal planning, and want to know how you can eat healthy, but also make decisions that fit with your busy schedule and health goals without it feeling like you're falling apart 

This is for you if...

but will this work for me?

I've been stuck on a weight loss plateau for months. But now I'm down 7 pounds in just under 3 weeks—thanks to Verona's help!

Verona gave me lots of great advice about forming better habits that were workable for me and my family. The recipes are easy to follow, and the tailor-made program allows me to indulge in foods I enjoy without sacrificing nutritional balance.

I've even started incorporating sprouted seeds and legumes into salads, which is a huge step for me!

Thank you so much, Verona!

"I lost 7lbs...." 

Let's say goodbye to the same boring meals

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As your coach, I'll help you diversify your diet. You don't need to eat broccoli daily, even if you love it. I'll support you in planning, preparing, and shopping for enjoyable, energy-boosting foods. If you crave dessert, we'll make room for it

With our Meal Prep Mastery 101 and your very own eBook guide, we make sure you're equipped to handle your kitchen like a pro. You'll learn how to prepare meals in a way that's quick, easy, and fits your busy schedule – meaning more time for what truly matters to you.

 Master Meal Prep with Ease

Bid farewell to boring diet foods and hello to delicious, weight-loss-friendly meals that everyone at your table will love. Our tailor-made meal plans are designed to fit seamlessly into your hectic lifestyle, ensuring that meal planning and grocery shopping become enjoyable tasks rather than chores

CustomiSed Weight Loss Friendly Meal Prep

We kick things off with a deep dive into your dietary preferences, lifestyle, and health goals. Whether you're struggling with weight loss plateaus, a packed schedule, or just a lack of dinner-time inspiration, our initial assessment sets the foundation for your transformation.

 PersonaliSed Assessment

Here's How It Works

Your journey doesn’t end with a meal plan. We offer continuous support, adjustments to your plan, and strategies to overcome any challenges. From virtual grocery tours to pantry makeovers, we ensure your meal prep is both satisfying and sustainable.

 PersonaliSed Ongoing Support and Adaptation

We've created a step-by-step system, easy enough for a newbie cook that can fit every busy lifestyle.

Meal Prep 101 Masterclass

there's more!

let's do this!

When you sign up for VIP Meal Plan we're going to work together on building out a meal plan system that works for YOUR life—not some generic diet plan that's designed by someone who has no idea what your life looks like. 

We'll make sure that it isn't boring or bland; we'll include meals that are both delicious AND healthy! And as much as possible, we'll use ingredients from your existing kitchen so there's less work involved when preparing meals.  I do the shopping you do the cooking, deal? 

and that's before we even start thinking about what to make for dinner!

The VIP Meal Plan
Is like having your very own nutrition coach in your pocket

I had been on a calorie-counting diet for months but I was no longer losing weight. I was discouraged and constantly asking myself, “I’m staying well under my calorie goal, why am I not losing anymore??”

Then, I found Verona’s page and asked her about macros. She changed my life!! Within 3 weeks I had already broke through the plateau.

Lauren - H

"Macros changed my life.."

I have noticed a number of positive changes since I started working with Verona on her 8 week programme. I have noticed that my skin is clearer and my hair is less greasy. My whole family are more involved in weekly meal planning and meal prepping for the week ahead.

My husband is now able to cook us healthy balanced meals on the days I am at work, because everything has been planned and prepped. The children are trying more foods, like vegetables, fish and all foods that they wouldn't have eaten before working with Verona.  Verona is so lovely to
work with and really helps to boost your confidence and work with your individual needs.
Sara G

" I have so much more energy in the mornings now"

the investment

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Once we recieve your application. If your application is accepted for The VIP Meal Plan, you will then receive an invite to schedule a FREE 15-minute intro call with me.

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buy now + get an extra bonus

The VIP Meal Plan will help you finally stop struggling with "what's for dinner"  & save money on your groceries & lose weight with homecooked meals

here's what you can look forward to

Weekly meal prep coaching Why lose weight the hard way. Get, quick healthy portion-controlled grocery list and recipe guide

Customised nutrition plan & Grocery list tools Learn how to eat real food, that isn't the same boring meal every night.

Meal Prep Mastery 101  We'll show you how to master the art of meal prep, so that your meals are ready for you whenever the hunger pangs hit. You'll save time and money so that you can focus on what really matters. You'll be less frustrated because you have food readily available to eat.

Your very own copy of my ebook   I'll show you how to make sure your meal prep is quick and easy—so you can spend less time cooking and more time on the things that matter to YOU!

Virtual Grocery Store Tour & Pantry Makeover You'll never have to waste time going from aisle to aisle again.

Meal Prep Masterclass We'll teach you everything you need to know, so that making meals ahead of time is simple and easy."

Feed The Family Food Fun go from "my kids only eat junk food" to "my kids love eating with me now!" Make mealtime fun again.

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let's get started

From Cart To Kitchen I will show you how you can make easy meals based on the time you have for that week. 

Let's Eat

We create your meal plan together in a way that fits your lifestyle 

Meal Planning Made Simple

We'll do a deeo dive of yoru Meal prep routine, foods you're eating, you enjoy and what your struggles are and crate a plan that works for you

Virtual Meal Prep & Macros Coaching 

No more aimlessl wandering around the grocery store with a half empty cart woondering what to eat

Grocery Shoppping Goodies

Here are some of the things we do in the Meal Prep Framework...

wondering where to start?

Verona is a skilled nutrition and meal prep coach. She has been guiding clients on a transformative journey since 2018. Verona uses her expertise in macros, meal prep, and CBT to help people focus on self-care. She also helps them improve their relationship with food. Her own struggles with gut health for two decades led her to a pivotal moment of change. Through her own journey, Verona overcame sugar addiction and yo-yo dieting. She discovered the key to true freedom from strict eating habits. Now, she dedicates herself to helping others break free from dieting. She also helps them escape boring meal planning. 


meet your coach

Level 4 & 5 qualified nutrition & cbt coach

Get set up 1:1 call To get you started off the right way 
Personalised 1:1 Nutrition Coaching and communication directly through the app
Bi-Weekly progress check-ins to help you to remain sucessful 
Extra mindset & meal planning support tools  designed to make meal planning easier specific to your goals 
Discovery how to save money on your grocery bills every week with the ultimate Grocery shopping Guide
PLUS! The meal planning Toolkit to help you plan your meals without the decision fatigue

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THE VIP Meal Plan 1:1 Coaching

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I'll personally go through your application and if successful you'll be invited to chat with me via Zoom, If its a good fit for us both, then we'll move forward with the next steps. Your place will only  be confirmed once payment has been received. Then we can scheulde our weelk check ins and get you set up 

I've applied. what happens next?

We’re only taking on 10 clients at a time so you need to be quick on this one! 

how many clients are you accepting?

The VIP Meal Plan starts as soon as you join! Once your application hads been approved, we'll chat for 15 minutes on a 1:1 to get you all set up and you confirm your start date. It literally could be as early as next week! 


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