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Get hands on support without cutting out foods you love or eating boring bland diet foods 5 days in a row

Meal Planning & 1:1 Coaching 

Imagine how much freer &  less stressed you'd feel if you never had to worry about "What's For Dinner?"  In the session  we'll review your current dinner routines and give you personalized advice. Leave with, personalised nutrition advice, custom meal plan templates that makes every evening smoother and more enjoyable.

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Did you know I host a podcast every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday? We talk all things meal prep, macros and mindset.
On the show, I give straight-to-the-point nutrition advice that helps you find success.

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Have ZERO idea on what to make the kids? Here's 7 meals you can make in 30 minutes or less

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    I really like the time management episode. The tips are honest and practical, which I appreciate. They don't make me feel bad about being called out!

    "These tips are the real deal!"

    Podcast Listener

    I have been avoiding anything Macros because I thought it would be too much to do. Thank you! - Podcast Listener

    "I love how Verona makes it practical and doable!"

     "After working with Verona, I want to take care of my body. Verona helped me become more confident, sleep better, and feel more energized. I lost weight and feel better"

    "I actually WANT to take care of my body!"

    miranda, nutrition client

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