Sick of staring into the pantry and finding nothing that screams 'dinner'?

let me fix that!

Start your journey: I totally get it — meal planning can be a bit of a headache. We'll create a meal plan that fits into your lifestyle, and not the other way round

Shop smart: Use the personalized grocery list we provide to shop smart at your favorite store. No more wasting time on products you don't need. This list guides you right to what's necessary, saving both time and money.

Stay On Track: Tune in to our weekly support for ongoing guidance as you gradually build your kitchen confidence. By practicing your skills and applying our tips, you'll have fun discovering how cooking can enhance your daily routine.

What's included


"My kitchen used to be a mess which made dinner time so much harder on top of my already busy life. That's when I tried Verona's Pro Meal Planning Guidance. The personalized 4-week meal plan, extra recipes, and simple shopping tips changed my life! Plus, her bi-weekly coaching calls helped me stay on track. Verona really made life easier, making meal prep more fun and my whole lifestyle healthier!" - Melody R.

"Working with Verona was a breath of fresh air."

"Verona's Grocery & Meal Plan makeover was a game-changer. No more stomach knots every evening wondering 'what's for dinner?'. Her practical advice was a perfect fit for my always-on-the-go life, and her easy meal prep suggestions saved me so much time. I went for the VIP option, and having Verona's expert guidance for four weeks was just the backup I needed when meal planning felt too much.
— Jessica M. 

..."the simple meal prep ideas were a huge time saver..."

12% of people who plan their meals are more likely to stick to it and 9% less likely to be overweight

i'm all in!

one payment of $497

  • Advanced 4-week meal planning guide, with ideas for rotating meals and maintaining flexibility

  • Comprehensive recipe list, including meals suitable for various diet types (vegetarian, gluten-free, etc.)

  • VIP grocery shopping list, complete with designated pantry essentials!

  • Direct Voxer support (like Whatsapp but better)

  • Weekly coaching calls for maximum support, motivation, and meal planning strategy optimization

This is for you if you're ready to be done with "what's for dinner"? anxiety 

VIP Meal Plan

i need this!

get started today for $297

  • More extensive 4-week meal planning guide

  • Expanded recipe list to add diversity to meals

  • Pro grocery shopping list, with tips on saving money and buying in season

  • Bi-weekly coaching calls via Zoom for motivation and progress checks

This is for you if you want deeper support and a more variety of meal options. 

basic Meal Plan Guidance


The plans are designed for individuals but are oh-so easy to share. The VIP plan will have you and your family covered for sure here, as there is the room for you to specifically state that's what you want the most, whereas the basic plan just covers a once and done kind a thing. 

Can I use the meal plan for my whole family or is it individual-based?

Well, it really depends on what you're looking for! Think of the Basic Plan as the starter kit - it straightens out your meals for you but you manage the rest. Feeling like you need a bit more hand-holding? The Pro Plan provides coaching to keep you on track. But if you've got "I-want-the-whole-nine-yards" on your mind? The VIP Plan will have you covered.

How do I know which meal plan package is right for me?

 We'll discuss your progress, navigate any challenges, and tweak the plan until it's just right for you. If you prefer to plan & prep one session together we can do that (or you can sumbit your questionnaire and I record a video feedback) we'll make it work.

How do weekly or bi-weekly coaching calls work if I choose the VIP plan?

Every plan has some level of support. There will be email support for the basic plan, while the VIP offer you Voxer support (its like having your very own nutrition coach in your pocket

What kind of customer support do I get with each package?

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