when it comes to DINNER TIME, you shouldn't have to feel like it's just another task on your never-ending list. I’m here to change that

meet your coach 

Hi! I'm Verona! 

Lived it, felt it, changed it.

I used to dread meal planning. Every weekend I'd sit down with cookbooks, scribble out ideas, make a grocery list, and try to map out dinners for the week ahead. But no matter how prepared I thought I was, something always derailed my plans. 

For Years, meal planning was always BORING

Now, as a qualified Nutrition & CBT Coach, I've turned my struggles into a springboard for those who also want home-cooked meals minus the hassle or every day decision fatigue. 

Together, we'll streamline your kitchen routine, swap 'What's for dinner?' with a fridge full of ready-to-enjoy meals, tailored to your tastes and goals.

 You'll get simple prep techniques to save time, accountability to keep you on track, and tips for smarter shopping, all designed to save money and time. 

question is...

are you ready to get started?

fun facts! 

I like to covnerse through GIFs you get my sense of humour 

Even though it's good for you I cannot stand broccoli OR Brussels Sprouts 

I'm 100% an introvert, but host a 2% global Nutrition Podcast. I meannn

about me

If I could eat one food and not gain weight it would indeed be Ben & Jerry's Phish Food - YES PLEASE

I once wrote an entire cookbook on how to make meal planning simple but hid it from everyone - go figure 

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