I battled with weight, food, and gut health for twenty years.

And meal planning? Well I thought that was boring took way too long, and ate out all the time.

I know how overwhelemd we get at the feeling of wanting to eat better but not knowing where to start. 

That's why I'm here – to take you from confusing meal planning, to simple meal planning. So simple you'll wonder, why you never met me sooner. Well friend, we're here now, let's get started. 

Meet Meal Prep & Weight Loss Coach 

Verona Angol 

I had problems with my weight, food, and gut health for almost twenty years. I know what it's like to want to eat better but not know where to start. That's why I'm here - to help you go from confusion to clarity in your journey to better health. We won't think about fad diets. Instead, we'll concentrate on a sustainable and way to eat. Are you ready?

Meet Meal Prep & Weight Loss Coach 

Verona Angol 

I used to believe that meal prep meant eating the same boring food. I was wrong!

It's actually a game-changer, a way to get back control and discover new foods and recipes. I remember feeling lost in my battle with weight, trying to please everyone but myself.

I was always searching for a magical diet solution. 

. You know that feeling? You try quick fixes but end up back where you started.

Then it clicked.

It wasn't about giving up everything I loved. It was about finding balance and learning what works for me.

Meal prep went from being a chore to my secret weapon. It's enjoyable, varied, and doable.

You ready to join me and change the way you think about food? Let's get started!

I stopped dieting and it improved my health.

If you're frustrated with dieting and don't have a plan for dinnertimes, welcome.

Trying to decide "what's for dinner?" especially after a LONNG day is exhausting right? I help women, like you, plan meals. with your family without spending hours in the kitchen or the grocery store.

make dinner and meal plans that they enjoy

i've helped women all over the world 

How I Got Here!

VA Nutrition Coaching Journey Began. I knew I needed change


the early days

I started working with a few women for free whilst studying to get my practice hours in. But when I did this for real, for real, the way I lit up like a Christmas tree when my ladies would tell me they've lost 10lbs I knew this is where God had called me. There's no other feeling like it.


starting my business

Launching the Podcast Was a Huge Step for Me (and for You!)



I love helping women transform their lives through meal prep. It's such an honor to partner with women and their families to make meal times enjoyable.


Teaching Women how to Meal Prep and Make It Fun

the timeline of how i got here

–Verona Angol

"When you start making decisions based on what's best for you, everything else falls into place."

i believe that...



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    I'm here to help you make home cooked meals a thing you look forward to rather than an adhoc occasion.

    let's work together

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