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The Recipe Guide for Busy Women: Simple, Quick, and Easy

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This is for you if you want easy and healthy meal planning ideas. These ideas are quick and won't take up your whole weekend.

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Do you ever just, stare into the fridge, expecting it to tell you what to eat? "Just order Grubhub, already."

Planning healthy meals for your family shouldn't take up all your time. I KNOW you don't expect perfection, just practical and healthy meals.

Well friend, you've come to the right place. Here, you can find meal planning that you enjoy..

Ughh, Meal Planning Boring, No time & eating the same thing every day - fun

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Let's be honest. When it comes to planning meals and eating healthy, we all know we need to do it. But finding the time to do it is hard. It's tempting to reach for Oreos and sangria instead of attempting to plan your meals for the entire week!

I hear you

NO MORE GUESSING OR STRESSING over "what's for dinner"?

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Let's get real for a second. A while back, the thought of meal planning had me rolling my eyes. Boring? Check. Clueless about what actually counts as 'healthy'? Double-check. And don’t get me started on the bottomless pit that is Googling 'how to eat healthy'—hello, overwhelm.

Hi! I'm Verona

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We'll use a customized approach to create your meal plan together. Week after week, you'll know how to shop and plan for health, not just to eat.. 

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Create your meal plan and grocery budget on your own terms.

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This is a great option if you already know what to do but are not doing it. First, create your plan. Then, go to the store. Finally, start cooking.


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Get straightforward meal prep advice that fits into your schedule, and things that you can actually do. Meal Planning, Groceries, and save money and time. 

The Lose Weight With Meal Planning Podcast 

coming to your airpods every monday, weds & friday

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The Meal Planning Podcast for Cerative Entrepenuers who want a simplified walk through step by step meal plan that you enjoy 

The Lose Weight With Meal Planning Podcast 

coming to your airpods every monday, weds & friday

I enjoy collecting things and gadgets. I use them to improve meal planning, business, and daily life. I'm excited to share these resources with you.

Meal Planning Tools & Tips

Do you want to learn how to meal plan and make it stick? I have you covered with blogs, podcasts, and more.

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have a read

oo yes please!

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The Meal Planning Toolkit helps you save money, reduces food waste and joy to the dinner table. Say goodbye to "What's for dinner?" and hello to more "Can I have some more?"

meal planning

toolki tooltoolkit  toolkit toolkit quiz QUIZ QUIZ QUIZ QUIZ QUIZ

I really like the time management episode. The tips are honest and practical, which I appreciate. They don't make me feel bad about being called out!

"These tips are the real deal!"

Podcast Listener

I have been avoiding anything Macros because I thought it would be too much to do. Thank you! - Podcast Listener

"I love how Verona makes it practical and doable!"

 "After working with Verona, I want to take care of my body. Verona helped me become more confident, sleep better, and feel more energized. I lost weight and feel better"

"I actually WANT to take care of my body!"

miranda, nutrition client

    I'll send you emails that you're excited to read. No extras, no nonsense. I'll give you straightforward advice on meal planning that you can actually follow. Whether you want to lose weight, or have a plan for dinner.

    Get practical tips and tricks for planning meals. 

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