Tired of hearing yourself say 'what's for dinner?'

That's why we've created this FREE meal plan that shows you how to make meals in 30 minutes or less!

yes please!

The best part about using Simplyfing Meal Prep &  Macros is that it's so easy to use—you can do it anywhere and there's no mess!

Make Meal Prep Simple FREE 3-part Course

I used to yo-yo diet like crazy.

It was a never-ending cycle of guilt and shame, with no end in sight.

I knew I had to make some changes, but where do you start when you diet like they're going out of fashion? How do you know what's best for your body?

meal prep strategist, podcast, jesus follower, and macros coach

I'm Verona— I help entrepeneurs like you to lose weight & have have easy meals to look forward to 

— Miranda

 "after working with Verona, I actually WANT to take care of my body! Verona has helped me to become more confident,  sleep better and feel more energized. I have lost weight and just generally feel better"

You can enjoy the convenience of DoorDash, GrubHub, Postmates or any other food delivery service without the $1200 price tag, while still making sure you're eating & quick, easy & healthy meals.

Makeover Your
Meal Planning

 Meal prep made — SIMPLE. Designed to help you make Quick, Easy Meals. 

If you're the type of woman, mom, sister or friend  When it comes to dinner, you're pretty much a hobo who eats peanut butter out of the jar and bread straight from the bag. Then we just became friends. There's nothing more frustrating than opening your fridge and seeing ingredients staring back at you with no idea of what to make with them! This is where we come in! Our mission is simple (but not at all easy) Let's book a Kitchen "Katch"up!

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