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Meal Planning does not need to be the same BORING meals 5 days in a row

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Prep these crispy breakfast egg muffins, egg, cheese, & breakfast sausage, for a week of easy meal prep breakfasts, or batch cook and freeze them for a quick grab & go breakfast option This quick & easy high protein breakfast is perfect for: Busy weekday mornings – prep these once (or even twice in the week […]

Quick & Easy High Protein Egg Cup Muffins

Why is it so hard to decide what you’re going to have for dinner every single day? If its not that, then it’s you don’t have time to plan your meals in the first place, because, kids, life and work mean you eat whatever is available right? Of course then we it do it this […]

The 10 Things That Happen When You Start Meal Planning

Yes, you’ve heard about tracking macros to lose weight, and we understand if it feels like playing a confusing game of Tetris. You’ve tried all the things, and nothing else has worked, but you’re also determined not to fall back into the quick-fix trap. But where to start? Start here. In this episode, you’ll discover: […]

IN THIS EPISODE: Ugh Meal planning! Let’s face it, when it comes to the planning, the prep and the cooking, it can seem overwhelming right?  Especially for the super busy. This episode is dedicated to you: the busy moms and entrepreneurs, and anyone who generaly struggles come 6pm “what’s for dinner”? is a regular conversation. […]

Is Dinner Time A Sore Spot For Your Household? 

stop asking "what's for dinner" with this free guide

My FREE guide will show you a series of recipes to cook simple meals in 30 minutes 

    I've been on a diet more times than I can count.

    I've lost weight, gained it back, and started over every Monday. 

    I've nailed my meal prep and weight loss routine to a tee and teach others to do the same.

    But it wasn't always sunshine & rainbows.

    Losing weight and being intentional about food was hard work—it still is!

    There were many days where I doubted whether or not what I was doing would ever work for me.

    But my friend, it was worth it & more than just the weight loss; it was also the freedom that came with embracing meal planning as part of my life.

    Seeing my clients' faces when they realised meal prep wasn't just for gym bros or bodybuilders was an incredible feeling—the look of relief as they realised it could be done by them too!

    That's why I started Lose Weight With Meal Planning: to guide you through the journey so that you can build your own nutrition plan & see that it's for YOU too!

    Hey friend, I'm Verona

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    Join the Global 2% podcast, a must-listen for women who want to cook delicious dinners they love. Every week, you'll get real talk. You'll also get practical solutions. They'll help you break free from the same old chicken, broccoli, and rice routine.

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    "I LOVE this space! Verona shares such goodness for me to plug into and learn to make betterchoices for myself as a 30 something woman." — Sasha S.

    "You won't regret subscribing to this podcast."

     "Never tried macros, never knew anythign about it! But now, I feel like I'm ready to do this and will be successful! Thank you for this podcast! -An-Joy

    "I CAN Do This."

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